Grand Salt Lake - Central Desert of Iran

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According to amount of solution materials come many different burial holes into existence.
When the solution materials are relativity abundant , a hard surface is formed on clay. This surface protects the mud against becoming dry and causes the surface to become dry slowly.

Gabriel (1998) believed that there are in Iran’s deserts many salt . marshes.
The crystallization of salt resses into the clay and causes it to be inflated.
Therefore it forms wrinkles with many .rays , they are formed in different places . There are on the many – side forms the salty leaves with small clay knobs .We sometimes see snow of salt on them and they are occasionally in shape of seed. The knobs are exposed to wind erosion.

Becoming dry causes to form many – side shpes on clay. The researchers describe the manifest specifications of salty and clay holes.
There are on the surface of these areas many splits.The evaporation of salty water between the splits of many – side shapes cause to remain salt specially between the frontier of may – side shapes. There are deserts in different Iran’s regions , they are usually the lowest areas and the end piont , of dry rivers.

In winter it is raining in mountains and flow flood – water into desert , there is solution of salt in this water.In summer when it is very hot , water becomes dry and the surfaces , many – side shapes are formed.
Therefore the deserts are come into existence because of evaporation of superficial water.The deserts are come into existence in regions that are exposed to the big flood – waters – for example : the desert around the salt lake in Kashan.


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Why is Iran such a dramatic country? The Iranian plateau is a tectonic plate sandwiched between to encroaching plates, those of Arabia and Russia. As they move together, they dive under the Iranian Plateau which has, since time immemorial, been forced up in tortuous folds which create huge, monumental patterns etched into huge cliffs like some vast abstract sculpture - Iran is a photographer's delight.

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