Praying of Zoroaster

Sabalan (سبلان Sabalân in Persian;also called Sāvālān in Azerbaijani) is an inactive volcano in Ardabil province of Iran. Its summit is at an elevation of about 4,811 meters above sea level(Third Highest mountain of Iran) and a permanent lake has formed at top of summit. Sabalan possesses a beautiful ski resort and different touristic areas. The prophet Zoroaster reputedly wrote the Avesta (his holy book) there. About the red ribbon in photo: In Hymalia mountains, Tibetan prayers write some prayings on such a this red ribbons and install them in mountain, they write prayings for safety and health of Sherpas and mountain climbers. In sabalan these red ribbon are used as guide. In Snow Storms and deep fog, red ribbon are very survival. I took this photo at 4100M.

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