Desert and the beauty


Nima Mehrabany Tue, 11/27/2007 - 10:54

Photography at Iran Desert Zone

Photography at Central Desert of Iran - Maranjab Visiting a place which takes ones glance to eternity, becoming deeply impressed by the scenery of moving sands and burning salt marshes, seeing the ruins of ancient monuments examining rare plants, seeing strange animals are among motivations that prompt the lovers of natural geography to embark on a trip to the deserts of Iran.
A brief review of the travelogues written by these curious visitors reveals that in every period at least one researcher has tried to see parts of Iran's Kavirs(Deserts). One of the most well known travelers of the Kavir is Swedish man Sven Hedin who visited Iran in 1905. Hedin knew Iran & tried to make it known worldwide more than any one of his colleagues. Hotel Grilli Ischia
Hedin traveled on the back of camel day & night for weeks driving hundreds of kilometers along the narrow Kavir paths to portray the land in his book in a way that any reader can smell the dust & salt and sense the heat of the sands, the transparency of skies and the moisture of the Kavirs rain showers in its pages and see closely the wild animals which pass by while listening to the sound of the bells hanging from the neck of camels which have crossed the Kavir in caravans of centuries ago. This photo was taken at Maranjab Desert, east of Kashan - Esfahan - Iran.  

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