Free Essential Icon Sets

Submitted by Nima Mehrabany on Tue, 11/27/2007 - 09:02

Free Essential Icon SetsFreebies are nice definitely.
Today i selected a list of quality icons that you can use for your blogs and websites. Please note that the license of each icon set is different and you should check it carefully before download.

Mini Pixel Icons

1. FamFamFam - most popular free silk icon sets in the internet.
2. Tango Icon Library - hundreds of desktop icon sets.
3. 2pt3 - five sets of square bullet icons.
4. Drunkey Love Iconset - consists of over 100 16×16 icons in PNG format.
5. Strawbee - tiny little cute icons.
6. Sanscons - a small spin off icon set that allows for CSS-based coloring and framing.
7. Bitcons - a mini-pixel icon set containing 121 individual icons for various subjects.
8. Sweetie - cute and clear icons to use for web application.
9. Feed Icons - official feed icons.
10. Aspneticons - three hundred professional tiny icons.
11. Bullet Madness - a list of two hundred bullets and arrows icons that uploaded by Stylegala users.
12. Brandspankingnew - 113 10×10 gray scale icons in GIF format.
13. NDesign-studio - more than 320 mini pixel icons free to download.
14. Codehaus - a nice set of tiny icons.
15. Websiteicons Tiny Icons
16. Graphicpush - the icon set is designed specifically for blogs.
17. Pinvoke - quality 10×10 and 16×16 pixel icons.
18. FreeIconsDownload - Free Icon Download Offers Over 230 High Quality Royalty Free Icons Set

Desktop Icons

1. Zeusbox Feedicons - 34 feed icons in 32 and 16 pixels size with PNG format.
2. FastIcon - a series of CSS3 icons, currently updated.
3. IconDrawer - high quality Mac OS X PNG format icons sets.
4. IconFactory - quality free icon sets for Windows and Mac.
5. ColorCons Free Icons - PNG 128×128 format.
6. Designmagus - a series desktop icon sets.
7. Silvestre - six series desktop icon sets.
8. Ganato - free PSD Icons.
9. Tango - desktop icons with 16×16, 22×22 and 32×32 format.
10. Greyscale - a set of 40 icons which each fit into a 34 x 34 pixel area.
11. IconsDesigns - Vista style icon sets.
12. Marko Webcontrol Icons
13. Yellowpipe Free Icons
14. Iheartny - a series quality desktop icon sets.
15. Crystalxp - PNG icon sets.
16. Enhancedlabs - quality desktop icons.
17. Icon Archive
18. Freeiconsweb - 15,000 free icons for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.
19. Zyotism
20. Pixelpressicons - icons for Mac only.
21. Websiteicons
22. Vista Icons - free Vista style icons.

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Free Icon Sets for sites and applications

free icons (not verified)

Fri, 03/14/2008 - 08:34

Great icons resources, Can you add my free icons site to your list

Free Icon Download Offers Over 230 High Quality Royalty Free icons Set , You will find the best free icons from the icon artists.

Anonymous (not verified)

Wed, 06/10/2009 - 01:06

Cool sets!!!

Who wants another nice set of high quality icons, please welcome!)))
Here is one nice set of FREE LED Icons:

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It`ll be good if you put it to your collection!
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Best wishes!

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