Reflection on WildPlay Element Park - Nanaimo

Submitted by nima on Sat, 10/09/2021 - 20:43
Reflection on WildPlay Element Park - Nanaimo


WildPlay Element Parks is a Canadian chain of outdoor recreation parks located across Ontario, British Columbia and New York, headquartered on Vancouver Island. WildPlay's first park is in Nanaimo. WildPlay Nanaimo is located on 35 Nanaimo River Road, KM 10 Trans-Canada Highway, beside Nanaimo River and within Vancouver Island Forest.

It offers different adventures, including a tree canopy obstacle course with zip lines (classic and extreme) for ages five and up, bungy jumps & a 150-foot swing over a canyon.

Classic and extreme courses were booked for us on Tuesday, September 28th. The adventure began at 1:45 pm. The guides already prepared the safety harnesses for the group. It took about 5 minutes to fit the harness and wait for the instructors to check it. Then we walked to the starting point where the guides had a quick demonstration to use the zipline. After this short training, we started to navigate log ladders, ziplines, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, etc. The course design is somehow that after starting, if a person wants to quit, they must continue to some specific points where it is possible to go down on the ground.

I was amazed by the diversity of the obstacles. There were many surprises that needed different strategies and techniques, and if you want to navigate fast, you should think quickly and go through them. I also liked the fireplace and seating area around it, and it was relaxing seating there after the adrenaline rush!


Leadership Outcomes

  • One of the essential characteristics of leaders is strategic decision-making. While navigating the course, I always considered each new and challenging obstacle as a problem that should be solved in a fraction of time and turn into a joy able element.
  • A leader should not necessarily be in the front, its leadership can be subtle, and they step into a situation when required. The staff will be more confident, creative and relaxed. I could feel it there in WildPlay. I don’t remember the manager's name (VIU graduate), to me, he was such a leader, giving space and authority to his team members.