My new iPod - iPod Touch

Submitted by nima on Sun, 01/06/2008 - 08:48

iPod TouchI bought my Classic iPod 5 years ago! It was the very first generation of iPods! The best mp3 player ever!
Once I actually started to play with it, I fell in love. I think the whole "iPod" part of the name threw me - it's not an iPod (at least not for me), it's the PDA I've been looking for.

First off, I still haven't actually plugged the headphones into it - they're still sealed up in their packaging. My classic iPod is going to be my music player of choice for at least a little while longer. But so far I love everything else this baby can do!

I had no problems syncing with Outlook, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to get my contacts all organized so I could take them with me when I handed back my computer. I'd been wanted to get something that I could use to keep track of friends' and associates' addresses, details, etc, and this is perfect. As I just started to really use Outlook's calendar, having a portable option is brilliant. I can't add new appointments, but apparently the latest firmware update gives me that functionality.