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George Clooney on Jewellery Business MagazineCelebrity Endorsement

(George Clooney on Jewellery Business Magazine)


Nima Mehrabany

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Dr. Tom Delamere
November 5, 2021


Jewellery Business magazine (published and distributed in Canada) serves independent, chain and mass merchandise jewellery and watch retailers across Canada. In addition, it reaches jewellery professionals such as appraisers and gemologists, designers and goldsmiths; the repair and engraving sector; and manufacturers/wholesalers/distributors. In short, the magazine covers the full spectrum of the watch and jewellery industry in Canada. Jewellery Business is published every two months and addressed to more than 5,500 qualified readers. (Jewellery Business, 2016).


The July 2015 issue of Jewellery Business magazine featured their first male cover model, George Clooney! George Clooney has been nominated in six different Oscar categories, proving his incredible diversity and impact in the film. As well as winning two Academy Awards, he is also a committed humanitarian, appearing in multiple advocacy roles and being named a UN Special Messenger of Peace (Omega, 2021). His appearance on the cover coincides with coverage of Baselworld, the world watch and jewellery show, by the magazine (Kenilworth Media, 2015). Using the picture of Clooney as the first male model on the magazine cover was a turning point. Since then, the magazine started to use male models on the cover once or twice a year.


George Clooney has used the company's watches as an Omega brand ambassador in various films. For example, in the 2009 film Up In The Air, he uses the Omega DeVille watch as a corporate downsizing expert who is constantly on business trips and attends important meetings at various companies. Or in the movie The American 2010, in the role of a handsome professional assassin, with attention to detail and a complex but attractive personality, he uses the Omega Speedmaster watch. He used Omega watches in some other famous films like Money Monster (2016), Tomorrowland (2015), and The Descendants (2011) (Watch ID, 2021). In all these films, George Clooney represented a suave and sophisticated character.


Target Audience

The target audience for Clooney’s advertisement on Jewellery Business magazine includes a wide range of watch and jewellery business owners, watch sellers, store owners, and many other industry professionals. These are the people who are in direct contact with the end customers interested in unique and expensive watches in Canada. The primary target audience is not the end customers, but the message of the brand would be delivered through the industry professionals to customers.


The Objective

Choosing George Clooney as the first male model for cover by Jewellery Business magazine and Omega was an approach to remind the audience that George Clooney is the company's brand ambassador. The image of the company's men's watches, along with the familiar face of this famous actor, would reach a wide range of professionals in the jewelry and watch business all over Canada. In fact, it does not directly persuade customers to buy. It does not even provide any information because almost all watch business professionals know that Clooney is the ambassador of the Omega brand. In other words, almost everybody knows Clooney’s picture on a watch and jewellery magazine means Omega advertisement! George Clooney is hardly ever seen without an Omega watch. While he is an Omega brand ambassador, one can say that he goes above and beyond his duties – he’s never seen wearing other brands and always gives Omega a cameo in his films (Swiss Watch Expo, 2018). This is just a reminder. The target audience of the advertisement, jewellery and watch business professionals, are eventually in direct contact with the end customers and will recommend the Omega based on customer's personality or attitude.


Omega watches and George Clooney

According to the meaning transfer model (McCracken, 1989) and the match-up hypothesis (Kamins, 1990), brands must decide on the symbolic meanings or the image that their product is to assume and then identify those individuals who best represent these meanings or images (Schimmelpfennig, 2018). Omega determined that using George Clooney as a celebrity endorser and a brand ambassador would be an effective message to align its brand with an approach to sophistication, elegance, and confidence. Omega aimed to help the audience establish a connection to the brand that is going to be helping them improve their identity. They need a tie to the product that they could refer to while deciding whether to buy the product, and George Clooney is that connection. His image is strong enough to persuade customers to make the final decision on purchasing watches from the Omega brand. People who are not just looking for an expensive watch from a famous brand, but also looking for a particular watch to give them an identity. The identity that Clooney has introduced to international society through his characters in various films. A well-established, successful, handsome, and attractive man, a suave and sophisticated character, and someone who always cares about his appearance. That is the image Omega wants to transfer through Clooney to the end customers.




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