Vakil Mosque - Shiraz II

Vakil Mosque It is one of the most valuable monuments dating back to Zandieh period. It's construction was completed in 1773 AD. The said premises with an area of 3600 m2. have been furnished with large stones. Its nocturnal area or Shabestan (night prayer hall) with an area of 2700 m2. contains 48 similar tall pillars of stone with a beautiful ceiling and a marble altar that is considered to be one of the master pieces of the Zandieh era.

Differentiating CSS for IE7 IE6 and firefox

Submitted by Nima Mehrabany on Sat, 10/13/2007 - 23:12


if you put # before any css tag, only IE 7 and IE 6 will read that line.
if you put _ before any css tag, only IE 6 will read that line.



width: 560px;     /* All other browsers */ 
#width: 558px;    /* IE 6 & 7 */ 
_width: 557px;    /* IE 6 */


just remember to keep this order.

The new site's first entry

After about 5 years, is moving to its new design.
This is the 4th generation of This new generation bring new features,  new feel & look, and is fully Search Engine Optimized.
The Blog is new and I try to write about web design & development and also about photography.

Photo gallery is improved and categories are increased. I try to update photos in gallery regularly.

Nima Mehrabany Sat, 10/13/2007 - 15:57

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