Celebrity Endorsement - George Clooney on Jewellery Business Magazine

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Jewellery Business magazine (published and distributed in Canada) serves independent, chain and mass merchandise jewellery and watch retailers across Canada. In addition, it reaches jewellery professionals such as appraisers and gemologists, designers and goldsmiths; the repair and engraving sector; and manufacturers/wholesalers/distributors. In short, the magazine covers the full spectrum of the watch and jewellery industry in Canada. Jewellery Business is published every two months and addressed to more than 5,500 qualified readers.

Ethics Case Study - Big Game Hunting in Namibia

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This scenario can be examined from several angles and includes various problems. From the point of view of some people, killing animals is generally inhumane and immoral, and it must be stopped. This is debatable because many (not all) of these people, for example, have no problem with millions of domestic animals being killed for food every day. Perhaps because this volume of slaughter takes place in industrial centers, and these people are only in contact with the final product, which is meat, from this whole process, and for this reason, they have no moral or intellectual problems with it.

On “Chasing Captain America” by Paul Zehr

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In his essay “Chasing Captain America”, Paul Zehr, the director of the Centre for Biomedical Research at the University of Victoria, argues production of a Superhuman due to advances in science. Advances in science and biotechnology enabled humans to modify their biology. But are we ready and allowed to make this change? First, we should understand the recognized acceptable limitations of human capability.

On “Bullshit” by Robert Gibson

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In his essay “Bullshit” (2011), Robert Gibson argues that there is not enough attention to the meaning and usages of a vastly used word. The author starts by a short referring to another essay by Harry G. Frankfurt (2005), a professor of moral philosophy, who believes despite that bullshit is an important piece of our culture, there is no special attention to it. The author mentions the different words between truth and lies, which receive their own amount of attention because they are either irritating or harmless, but bullshit gets less attention because it is not so unpleasant nor clearly acts for truthfulness.

Reflection on WildPlay Element Park - Nanaimo

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WildPlay Element Parks is a Canadian chain of outdoor recreation parks located across Ontario, British Columbia and New York, headquartered on Vancouver Island. WildPlay's first park is in Nanaimo. WildPlay Nanaimo is located on 35 Nanaimo River Road, KM 10 Trans-Canada Highway, beside Nanaimo River and within Vancouver Island Forest.

It offers different adventures, including a tree canopy obstacle course with zip lines (classic and extreme) for ages five and up, bungy jumps & a 150-foot swing over a canyon.

Common search engine principles

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Everyone is looking to increase profitability but achieving this online is very difficult, time consuming and if with the wrong SEO Company, expensive. Our full service, Digital Agency offers skilled internet marketing, SEO and Mobile Optimized Websites to make your online goals a reality. Get first page ranking on Google and stay there!
Common search engine principles
To understand seo you need to be aware of the architecture of search engines. They all contain the following main components:

   Spider - a browser-like program that downloads web pages.

   Crawler – a program that automatically follows all of the links on each web page.

   Indexer - a program that analyzes web pages downloaded by the spider and the crawler.

   Database– storage for downloaded and processed pages.

   Results engine – extracts search results from the database.

   Web server – a server that is responsible for interaction between the user and other search engine components.

 Specific implementations of search mechanisms may differ. For example, the Spider+Crawler+Indexer component group might be implemented as a single program that downloads web pages, analyzes them and then uses their links to find new resources. Buy traffic for your website and make more sales! However, the components listed are inherent to all search engines and the seo tools principles are the same.

Drupal Security Modules

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Drupal has a great reputation as a CMS with excellent security standards and a 30+ member security team to back it up. But for some Drupal-running sites, we must take other actions rather than just keeping Drupal and its modules up-to-date with each and every security release and security needs to be regularly re-evaluated..

How do you find the right professional web designer?

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Having a website is not enough in this day and age. You need to have a web site that appeals to your target niche and created by a professional company. If all seems well then try asking a few questions like, “Are you fluent in html5? Are your websites responsive for all devices?” If everything checks out they can start designing your new website.

Getting a really great website design starts with a web designer company that knows how to promote your business with a responsive website. web design greenville sc is what Bigfoot Media offers and you can start to see how great of a job they do by taking a look at their incredible reviews. Professional, affordable, website designs and based out of Greenville South Carolina serving the entire upstate.

Everyone wants a talented designer who is easy to work with, inexpensive, prompt, and accepting of feedback, but where do you find designers for your project, particularly when time is important.

Drupal Themes

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Adelante Theme

Adelante Theme for Drupal

Adelante Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 columns, made by niGraphic Design.

007 niGraphic Studio Theme for Drupal

007 niGraphic Studio

007 niGraphic Studio Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 columns, random header image rotation, made by niGraphic Design.

Colorfulness Theme for Drupal


Colorfulness Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 or 3 columns made by niGraphic Design.

Terrafirma Theme for Drupal


Terrafirma is a port of nodethirtythree design template with the same name.
The theme is light-weight, 2-column, fixed width, using CSS.


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