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Young Sheepherder

I met Mohammad - Young Sheepherder - when I was coming back from Damavand Mount. He was a teenager between 12-16. He seemed very hard working and brave. He and his family come to Damavand hills in summer and leave at the end of summer to southern parts of Iran.

The Miner

A stone Mine far away in heart of desert, almost 200km far from nearest city. Imagine how hard is working with stone and they work 12 hours a day but they are satisfied with the salary and their situation, because they send the money for their families in different parts of country. The situation is hard and unbelievable for urban people. I just spent two nights in this mine and I just can’t believe anyone can live without today’s living facilities. But there are also so many good things, like fresh air, desert silence, honest and lovely people.

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