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Soltanieh Dome (Gonbad Soltanieh) - Zanjan

Soltanieh Dome lies south west of the Cohan Dej (Royal citadel). It was constructed during the reign of Sultan Mohammad Khoda Bandeh (Oljaito) in the years 704-712 AH. This structure has 8 elevated porticoes and about 50 chambers, including an area which is also similar to a chamber.

Takht-e Soleyman(Solomon’s Throne) - Zanjan

 45 kilometers northeast of the city of Takab, a historic site can be seen. It is the heritage remained from the Sassanid era (226–650 AD). Takht-e Soleiman (Solomon’s Throne) is home to one of the three famous Sassanid fire temples. It is also where the kings of the Sassanid dynasty were crowned.

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