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My Web Design Portfolio

I have built more than 200 websites for global clients - from USA, UK, Turkey, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Iran and more (as a freelance web designer or at companies I have worked for).
This web design portfolio is a small sampling of websites I have developed. While I have great appreciation for each and every one of my past clients, there’s just too many to fit into this space. I have included a little bit of everything so you can see the diversity in my designs. Browse through a variety of recently built web sites below.
If you would like to know the costs for designing a high quality website, please contact me and request for a quote.

  • Irancell Wimax
  • Green Coast Nurseries
  • MS Soft Co.
  • Iran Reinforced Earth
  • Tolou Plastic Co.
  • Tehran Cultural Complex
  • Saba Battery
  • MTN Irancell
  • Sun Baruzh Co.
  • Techno Canada Co.
  • Yazd Foulad Manufacturing Group
  • Assorted Metal Co.
  • Kalvan Tourism
  • Isiran Institute
  • Ideh Eng.Co.
  • Royal Perl Chemical
  • Pars Carpet Co.
  • Iran Civilization & Construction
  • Fanni Reunion Foundation

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About website

This website is photography and web design portfolio of Nima Mehrabany - web designer & photographer.

I am an advocate of css, xhtml and standards based layouts, creating well structured sites that are easy to use, optimized for search engines & coated in solid design.