007 niGraphic Studio Theme for Drupal

in page.tpl.php find this line:


you can set rand(1,3) to any number that you want. ex rand(1,10) it means a number between 1 & 10.
Then you have to add 1-10 banners in style.css (find /* ADD MORE HEADER BANNERS HERE */)

background-image: url(images/bg_header_banner.jpg);
background-image: url(images/bg_header_banner_2.jpg);
background-image: url(images/bg_header_banner_3.jpg);
background-image: url(images/bg_header_banner_4.jpg);
background-image: url(images/bg_header_banner_10.jpg);

I hope this helps.

Go to admin/build/block
Set the region of USER LOGIN block to "Header Left"

ps: also, if you set a menu block in "Header Left", it will look nice! try it.

I fixed the problem with Apple Safari and released a new DEV version on drupal.org (should be available for downloading in next few hours.)

Since I don't have Google Chrome, please tell me if the problem is still there.

Adding the following block of code to the end of STYLE.CSS will fix this issue.

p {
margin:0.6em 0px 0px 1.2em;

Please let me know if the problem is still there after adding the code to the end of style.css
Tomorrow I will release a new dev version on drupal.org that fixes this issue.

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Sat, 10/11/2008 - 14:17

007 niGraphic Studio Theme is a very light-weight, CSS-based, tableless template, with 2 columns made by niGraphic Design.  


  • Fixed width with 2 columns
  • Random rotating header images (Using CSS only)
  • Standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS
  • Light-weight and fast loading

Tested in IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, Operta 9.5, Chrome.
Screen shots will be available soon.