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Second Week of Iranian Photography in Germany

Exhibition 1: DANCE OF TRIBES - IRANIAN WEDDING -solo photo exhibition
Opening hours: 02. - 08. March 2008, 14 - 18 PM
Vernissage: 01. March 2008, 18 - 21 PM

Exhibition 2: GLASS EYE - AN OUTLOOK -solo photo exhibition
Photography by IRAJ MEHREGAN
Opening hours: 02. - 08. March 2008, 14 - 18 PM
Vernissage: 01. March 2008, 18 - 21 PM

In Iran, the country older than the history, older than religion, older than war and peace, among tribes and nomads, among ethnics and religions which have the sense of ancientness and being, his camera was a seeker of love's symbols , weddings in different colors and customs, different music and clothes, different prays and wishes. His pictures are here to introduce a face of this land, the face of dancing the tribes for love.

The First Iranian Week of Photography in Germany

The First Iranian Week of Photography in Germany
FOTO.IR, The photography website for Persian Photographers in association with PENG, Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Design, Kunst und Kommunikation e.V. presents: IRANIAN WEEKS OF PHOTOGRAPHY in Mainz -Germany.

I have two photos in first week exhibition. The Miner & The Silent Hill.

Free Photoshop Actions

Free Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop includes the ability to record commands and tool operations in real-time and to save them in a script known as an 'action'. When played back an action will execute all the recorded steps and apply changes to an image. An action can also be used in conjunction with Photoshop's automation tools to form the basis of a batch process that will apply the same settings to a 'batch' of many images.

Most designers and photographers will agree that Photoshop actions are extremely useful for creating images and photograph effects quickly and efficiently. Listed below are those I've had in my favorites and thought would be great to share. Click titles to download and then load each one in photoshop actions to test.  

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