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Second Week of Iranian Photography in Germany

Exhibition 1: DANCE OF TRIBES - IRANIAN WEDDING -solo photo exhibition
Opening hours: 02. - 08. March 2008, 14 - 18 PM
Vernissage: 01. March 2008, 18 - 21 PM

Exhibition 2: GLASS EYE - AN OUTLOOK -solo photo exhibition
Photography by IRAJ MEHREGAN
Opening hours: 02. - 08. March 2008, 14 - 18 PM
Vernissage: 01. March 2008, 18 - 21 PM

In Iran, the country older than the history, older than religion, older than war and peace, among tribes and nomads, among ethnics and religions which have the sense of ancientness and being, his camera was a seeker of love's symbols , weddings in different colors and customs, different music and clothes, different prays and wishes. His pictures are here to introduce a face of this land, the face of dancing the tribes for love.

The First Iranian Week of Photography in Germany

The First Iranian Week of Photography in Germany
FOTO.IR, The photography website for Persian Photographers in association with PENG, Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Design, Kunst und Kommunikation e.V. presents: IRANIAN WEEKS OF PHOTOGRAPHY in Mainz -Germany.

I have two photos in first week exhibition. The Miner & The Silent Hill.

5 Things You'll Love About Firefox 3

Mozilla Fire fox 3


Firefox 3 Beta 2 shows some nifty new tools we can expect in Mozilla's next browser.

New versions of favorite applications are always a little tricky; you want to keep up with the times without fixing what ain't broke. With that in mind, I took a look at the newly released Firefox 3 Beta 2 to see what we can look forward to when the final version ships in 2008.


Although the basic look of the browser hasn't changed, there are actually quite a few new features coming. (For a complete list, you can check out Mozilla's release notes.)

[Improved in Beta 2!] Firefox 3 Beta 2 includes approximately 900 improvements over the previous beta, including fixes for stability, performance, memory usage, platform enhancements and user interface improvements. Many of these improvements were based on community feedback from the previous beta.

Some of the new features in Firefox 3 are not immediately obvious -- at least, not to the casual user. Among other things, Mozilla is incorporating new graphics- and text-rendering architectures in its browser layout engine (Gecko 1.9) to offer rendering improvements in CSS and SVG; adding a number of security features, including malware protection and version checks of its add-ons; and off-line support for suitably coded Web applications.

My new iPod - iPod Touch

iPod TouchI bought my Classic iPod 5 years ago! It was the very first generation of iPods! The best mp3 player ever!
Once I actually started to play with it, I fell in love. I think the whole "iPod" part of the name threw me - it's not an iPod (at least not for me), it's the PDA I've been looking for.

First off, I still haven't actually plugged the headphones into it - they're still sealed up in their packaging. My classic iPod is going to be my music player of choice for at least a little while longer. But so far I love everything else this baby can do!

I had no problems syncing with Outlook, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to get my contacts all organized so I could take them with me when I handed back my computer. I'd been wanted to get something that I could use to keep track of friends' and associates' addresses, details, etc, and this is perfect. As I just started to really use Outlook's calendar, having a portable option is brilliant. I can't add new appointments, but apparently the latest firmware update gives me that functionality.

Free Photoshop Actions

Free Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop includes the ability to record commands and tool operations in real-time and to save them in a script known as an 'action'. When played back an action will execute all the recorded steps and apply changes to an image. An action can also be used in conjunction with Photoshop's automation tools to form the basis of a batch process that will apply the same settings to a 'batch' of many images.

Most designers and photographers will agree that Photoshop actions are extremely useful for creating images and photograph effects quickly and efficiently. Listed below are those I've had in my favorites and thought would be great to share. Click titles to download and then load each one in photoshop actions to test.  

Free Essential Icon Sets

Free Essential Icon SetsFreebies are nice definitely.
Today i selected a list of quality icons that you can use for your blogs and websites. Please note that the license of each icon set is different and you should check it carefully before download.

Free icon sets for websites and applications

Icons are usually small, detailed works or art that are useful for a heckuvalotta things. I’ve seen them used a lot on the web as navigation or used to accent a button, as well as in interfaces/program design, and on desktops for us compulsive customizers.

Here I’ve collected a list of sites which provide free icon sets. Although you don’t need to pay for these, since they are free, it does not mean you can do whatever you want with them. Make sure to read the respective terms and conditions for each website!

Differentiating CSS for IE7 IE6 and firefox

if you put # before any css tag, only IE 7 and IE 6 will read that line.
if you put _ before any css tag, only IE 6 will read that line.


width: 560px;     /* All other browsers */ 
#width: 558px;    /* IE 6 & 7 */
_width: 557px;    /* IE 6 */

just remember to keep this order.

The new site's first entry

After about 5 years, is moving to its new design.
This is the 4th generation of This new generation bring new features,  new feel & look, and is fully Search Engine Optimized.
The Blog is new and I try to write about web design & development and also about photography.

Photo gallery is improved and categories are increased. I try to update photos in gallery regularly.

My portfolio is updated and its structure is improved.

Daily links is a new section in site. I try to update this part every day with useful links.


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